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Ibermir’s international buying teams and wide network of suppliers in more than 30 countries on several continents ensure that it is able to reach product sourcemarkets and find the best Supply Chain solution for its customers. We cover a wide range of product categories,which include food, with a special section for sweets, biscuits and chocolates, wines and spirits, cosmetics and personal care products. These include, most notably, the following:

Olive oils and vinegars

Extra virgin, pure olive oil and olive-pomace oil. Flavoured oils. Modena balsamic vinegar, flavoured vinegars. Available in different packages: glass, PET and cans.

Canned seafood

Octopus, tuna, squid, mussels, sardines, oysters andeels. Available in cans and glass containers.

Bread rolls, salted biscuits

Crostini, crackers. Different formats.


Regular, decaffeinated and freeze-dried coffee. Available in glass jars and cans.


Bars, individual chocolates, seasonal products.


Soft and hard. Different origins and qualities.

Mexican food

Tortillas, totopos (tortilla chips), chilies, nopales (prickly pear cactus), frijoles (beans), sauces, huitlacoche(corn smut), squash blossom, Christmas punch. Available in various formats and containers. Also food service containers.

Non-food products

Freezer bags, bags for packaging food. Different formats.


Green, black, whole, pitted, stuffed and sliced. Available in glass jars, cans and pouches.

Canned vegetables

Palm, artichoke, salads, mixed vegetables, peas, sweetcorn. Available in glass jars and cans.

Italian tomato

Peeled, diced, pomodorini(small fresh tomatoes), tomato paste.

Pasta and rice

Italian pasta, different types and formats. Gourmet Pasta. Risotto and Rices.

Grated Parmesan cheese

Grated Parmesan cheese.


Different origins and qualities. Available in cardboard or plastic boxes, metal boxes, bags.


“Jijona”and “Alicante”

Pastry and bakery products

Wide range of products.


Wines from different Italian and Spanish Designations of Origin.

Pickled products

Capers, onions, skewered pickled vegetables,chilli peppers, gherkins. Available in glass jars and cans.

Italian tomato sauces

Italian tomato sauces.


Almond spread and peanut butter spread.


Saffron strips and ground saffron.


Available in glass jars. Wide range of flavours.

Ice Cream

Ice creams, frozen cakes and gourmet desserts. Different formats.


Scotch whisky, whisky cream, other liqueurs.

Cosmetics and personal care products

Creams, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, personal care products, plasters.

Pet food

Wet feed.