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Supply Chain Management

Ibermir is a distribution company whose business model focuses on adding value to the supply chain. We coordinate and manage customer orders quickly and efficiently and keep customers informed of the status of their orders at all times. We help reduce operating costs and RRPs and increase final returns for customers. The goal is that products are manufactured and distributed at the right price, in the right place, in the right quantities and with the required qualities and within the established deadlines.

Advantages of Supply Chain Management: reduction of costs for the customer through efficient purchasing processes, increasing the number of potential suppliers and reducing response times. Therefore, Supply Chain Management enhances business opportunities, enables customisation and differentiation with respect to competitors’ products, improves stock control, provides “on-line” information about the status of orders and also financing.

The supply chain consists of four phases


this is done with the customer, identifying business opportunities, defining the strategy and quantitative (sales forecasts) and qualitative implementation.


identification of the right manufacturer in more than 30 countries (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Northern, Central and South America) where Ibermir currently purchases products.

Product development and manufacture

adaptation to customer needs in terms of design, quality, format, presentation, labelling and pricing.


ensuring efficient solutions thanks to a network of logistics operators and warehouses so that products reach end consumers at the right price and within the established deadlines.